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RADD 1611 Word Bank & Review - Midterm

RADD 1611 Word Bank & Review - Midterm - RADD 1611...

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RADD 1611 Mid-Term Word Bank Listed below are the points of interest mentioned by Dr. Bradshaw in her online videos. Lateral Cervical View Collimation Line Teeth / Teeth Roots Hard Palette Maxillary Sinus Sella Tursica (A→P measure 5-16mm/Average of 11mm, S→I measures 4-12mm/Average 8mm) Auricle portion of outer ear Auditory Meatus Mastoid Process C1 - Anterior Tubercle Atlanto-Dental Interspace (ADI) Odontoid Process Occipital Condyles C1 - Transverse Process C1 - Lateral Mass C1 – Posterior Arch C1 – Posterior Tubercle C1 - Spinolaminar Junction Line (if missing from C1 = Posterior Spondyloschiesis C2 or lower - Spinolaminar Junction Line (if missing = Spinal Bifida) C2 – Body C2 – Transverse Process C2 – Lamina C2 – Spinous Process C3 – Body C3 – Transverse Process Uncinate Process Page 1 of 6
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Uncinate Fossa Articular Pillars o Superior Articular Process (superior edge) o Inferior Articular Process (inferior edge) o Facet (line along inferior edge of pillar meeting up with the superior facet below) o Zygopophysial Joint (located between facets and articular pillar segments) o Joint of Luschka (located between uncinate process and uncinate fossa) Lamina Spinolaminar Junction Line Spinous Processes of C3, C4, C5, and C6 are hard to see due to their being less dense) Mandible Airway (listed superior to inferior along with the name of the soft tissue behind it) o C1→C3 = Pharynx / Retropharyngeal Interspace o C4, C5 = Larynx / Retrolaryngeal Interspace o C6, C7 = Trachea / Retrotracheal Interspace A→P Lower Cervical Head is usually in 15 degrees of extension. View is from under the elevated chin.
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  • Winter '11
  • JillG.Bradshaw
  • Vertebra, Bones of the head and neck, vertebral body, transverse process, Transverse Process Foramen, Pedicles

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RADD 1611 Word Bank & Review - Midterm - RADD 1611...

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