ANAT 1625 Adult Derivatives of Embryonic Structures

ANAT 1625 Adult Derivatives of Embryonic Structures -...

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Adult Derivatives of Embryonic Structures MALE EMBRYONIC STRUCTURE FEMALE Testes INDIFFERENCE GONAD Ovary Seminiferous Tubules CORTEX Ovarian Follicles Rete Testes MEDULLA Rete Ovarii Gubernaculum Testes GUBERNACULUM Ovarian Ligament Round Ligament of Uterus Efferent Ductules of Testes MESONEPHRIC TUBULES Epoophoron Paradidymis Paroophoron Appendix of Epididymis MESONEPHRIC DUCT Appendix vesiculosa Duct of Epididymis Duct of Epoophoron Ductus Deferens Duct of Gartner Ejaculatory Duct and Seminal Gland Ureter, Renal Pelvis, Calices METANEPHRIC DIVERTICULUM Ureter, Renal Pelvis Calices, Collecting Tubules
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Unformatted text preview: Calices, Collecting Tubules Appendix of Testes PARAMESONEPHRIC DUCT Uterus, Uterine Tube Hydatid of Morgagni Urinary Bladder UROGENITAL SINUS Urinary Bladder Urethra (except navicular fossa) Urethra Prostatic Utricle Vagina Prostate Urethral & Paraurethral Glands Bulbourethral Glands Greater Vestibular Glands Seminal Colliculus SINUS TUBERCLE Hymen Penis PHALLUS Clitoris Glans Penis Glans Clitoris Corpora Cavernous of Penis Corpora Cavernous of Clitoris Corpora Spongiosum of Penis Bulb of Vestibule Ventral Aspect of Penis UROGENITAL FOLDS Labia Minora Scrotum LABIOSCROTAL SWELLINGS Labia Majora...
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