ANAT 1625 Cardiology Processes

ANAT 1625 Cardiology Processes - 70 bpm avg Pulmon&...

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Pericardium - 3 layers Atrioventricular (AV) Node Systole (Ventricles contract/empty) Sino-Atrial (SA) Node (Pacemaker) Diastole (Ventricles filling up) Initiates  heartbeat 1)  Fibrous  (tough  OUTER  layer) Generates elect. impulses to  CONTRACT   Ventricles 2)  Parietal Serous  (lines  inside  of  Fibrous  layer) 3)  Visceral Serous  (lines  cardiac muscle ) conduction is  SLOWER  than in  SA Node Symp . Nerves   AV Node  conduction Pulmon Aortic  Semi-Lunar valves  OPEN Tricuspid Bicuspid  valves  CLOSED Generates elect. impules to  CONTRACT   Atria stimulate AV Node   valves   OPEN Parasym.  Vagus  ( CN 10  SA Node impulse  generation from  100  bpm to 
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Unformatted text preview: 70 bpm ( avg ) Pulmon & Aortic Semi-Lunar valves CLOSED Lub-Dup = S1 → S2 → S1 → S2 etc. S1 → S2 Lub - Systole ( P/A Semi-Lunar valves OPEN ) Regurgitation / insufficiency- valves fail to CLOSE S2 → S1 Dup - Diastole ( Tri/Bi valves OPEN ) Stenosis- valves fail to OPEN Fetal heart has Ductus Arteriosis that allows blood flow from Pulmonary → Aorta Closes after birth & becomes Ligamentum Arteriosum Fetal heart has blood flow DIRECTLY ↔ R /L Atria via the Foramen Ovale...
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