ANAT 1625 Embryology of the Kidney

ANAT 1625 Embryology of the Kidney - The metanephroi...

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The UG system is considered as one morphologically because of the common embryological orgin and shared elements of the duct systems. The bulk of the UG system derives from the intermediate mesoderm. The initial structure that develops I the US system are associated with excretory functions, some of which lose those functions and become adapted for reproductive roles. Cavities appear in the intermediate cell mass and differentiation proceeds in a crainocaudal direction, and thus the nephrogenic cord develops along the length of the trunk of the embryo, underlying the urogenital ridges. The proneprons, mesonephros, and then the metanephros develop from the nephrogenic cord. In each embryonic segment an excretory tubule and a nephrnic vesicle develops from which the urinary tubules arise. The glomerulus is invaginated into the nephric vesicle.
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Unformatted text preview: The metanephroi becomes the definitive adult kidney; the ureteric bud grows out of the caudal end of the mesonephric duct into the nephrogenic cord, thus forming a metanephric blastema. Part of the duct of the mesonephros persists as the ductus deferens. The metanephro, appears to ascend the posterior abdominal wall to achieve their adult position, as a consequence of differential growth rates. From the 10 th week the metanephros becomes functional but it is the placenta that removes waste. The urnairy bladder develops from the urogenital sinus, and is initially continuous with the allantois, the latter regression to form the urachus and median umbilical ligament after birth....
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