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ANAT 1625 Terms From Thorax dissection

ANAT 1625 Terms From Thorax dissection - I Terms from...

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I. Terms from Thorax dissection A. Clavicle Sternoclavicular joint B. Scapula Coracoid Acromion C. Skin Epidermis Dermis Subcutaneous tissue/superficial fascia Deep fascia Retinacula cutis D. Breasts (Mammary Glands) Retromammary space Suspensory ligaments Nipple Areola Lactiferous ducts E. Muscles Pectoralis major Clavicular head Sternocostal head Pectoralis minor Clavipectoral fascia Serratus anterior Transversus thoracis F. Vessels Cephalic vein Thoracoacromial artery Axillary artery Lateral thoracic artery Internal thoracic artery and vein (right and left) G. Nerves Lateral cutaneous branch of spinal nerve Intercostobrachial nerve Lateral pectoral nerve Medial pectoral nerve ( pectoralis minor) H . Ribs Sternocostal joints, synovial cavity I. Thoracic cavity Superior thoracic aperture (aka thoracic inlet) Inferior thoracic aperture (aka thoracic outlet)
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II. Terms from pleural cavity dissection A. Pleural cavity (right and left) Endothoracic fascia Parietal pleura Costal Mediastinal Diaphragmatic
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  • inferior vena cava, left coronary artery, right coronary artery, lateral thoracic artery, coronary artery orifice

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