PHYS 1525 Interims (Questions)

PHYS 1525 Interims (Questions) - VISCERAL PHYSIOLOGY...

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VISCERAL PHYSIOLOGY INTERIM EXERCISE Evaluate each of the following statements and indicate whether “True” or “False” to the left of the item number. While you do not have to submit the corrected statements your understanding of the information will be enhanced if you are able to properly correct each false statement. SECTION A: 1. Starling Forces influence the strength of myocardial contractions. 2. Fluid exchange between capillary blood and interstitial space is governed by Starling’s Law. 3. An increase in cardiac output will cause an increase in the afferent nerve activity from the carotid sinus. 4. Hypoalbuminemia will be expected to cause blood volume to increase. 5. Peripheral Vascular Resistance (PVR/TPR/TPVR) can be decreased by stimulating the parasympathetic innervation of vascular smooth muscles. 6. Intra-ventricular pressure is greatest at the end of ventricular systole. 7. Contraction of the right ventricular myocardium causes the tricuspid valve to open. 8. Severe hypocalcemia will have a positive inotropic effect on the heart. 9. Compared to other parts of the conducting system of the heart, the speed of electrical conduction is fastest in the AV Bundle. 10. Atrial contractions are always followed by a delay before the ventricles contract. 11. The atrial myocardium is a separate syncitium from the ventricular myocardium. 12.
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PHYS 1525 Interims (Questions) - VISCERAL PHYSIOLOGY...

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