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CLIN 2504 ICA Abbreviations

CLIN 2504 ICA Abbreviations - APPENDIX The following...

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371 APPENDIX The following listing of abbreviations are some of the ones that are commonly used for chart notations. The list is not intended to be all encompassing and is not complete by any means. GENERAL ALPHABETIC LISTING A assessment; artery; abortion or miscarriage; anterior; Achilles a ante; before; prior a,aa artery AAA abdominal aortic aneurysm AAL anterior axillary line (an imaginary line drawn down from the front of the armpit) Ab abortion or miscarriage; antibody AB antibiotics abd abduction ABD abdomen abn abnormal abs absent ac before meals AC acromioclavicular ACE axial compression in extension ACELR axial compression in extension with left rotation (maximum cervical compression) ACERR axial compression in extension with right rotation (maximum cervical compression) acid phos acid phosphatase ACJ AC joint; acromioclavicular joint ACLF axial compression in left lateral flexion (foramina compression) ACLR axial compression in left rotation (Jackson test) ACN axial compression neutral (foramina compression) ACRF axial compression in right lateral flexion (foramina compression) ACRR axial compression in right rotation (Jackson test) act active, activator, activator adjustment act adj activator adjustment ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone AD antidepressant (medication); anterior deltoid add adduction ad feb fever present ADH anti-diuretic hormone Adj(adj) adjustment; Specified Chiropractic Adjustment ADL activities of daily living ad lib as desired ADP adenosine diphosphate AF atrial fibrillation (an irregular heart rhythm) AFB acid fast bacilli (tuberculosis bacteria) Ag antigen A/G (A:G) albumin/globulin ratio agg aggravated AI anti-inflammatory (medication) AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AKA also known as alk phos alkaline phosphatase ALL anterior longitudinal ligament ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Alt alternate
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372 ALT alanine aminotransferase (formerly SGPT) am morning AMA against medical advice amb ambulatory AMPLE allergies, medications, PMH, LMP, events of illness ANA anti-nuclear antibodies anat. anatomical ANS anterior ant anterior Antcx anterior cruciate alert and oriented to person, place, time and situation AP anterior-posterior APGAR appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, respirations apr apprehension ARC AIDS related complex AROM active range of motion AS ankylosing spondylitis ASA acetylsalicylic acid; aspirin ASAP as soon as possible ASCVD atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease ASD atrial septal defect ASHD arteriosclerotic heart disease (heart disease due to "hardening of the arteries") ASIS anterior-superior iliac spine ASO antistreptolysin O AST aspartate aminotransferase (formerly SGOT) ASVD arteriosclerotic vascular disease asym asymmetrical ATP adenosine triphosphate atr atrophy AV atrioventricular, atriovenous ax axilla AXR abdomen X-ray B brisk; burning (pain) B, bilateral BBB bundle branch block BBT basal body temperature (body temperature taken first thing in the morning- usually recorded to determine fertile times of the month)
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CLIN 2504 ICA Abbreviations - APPENDIX The following...

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