255 Simulation Questions pt.2

255 Simulation Questions pt.2 - multi-lateral talks are...

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William White 19-Apr-10 Nate Kraft PolSci 255 Monday 9:05 National Intelligence Director 1. In regards to Venezuela we should be able to deal with the crisis in any form we would like. The other nations of the world are not very concerned with what happens in the Western Hemisphere and we should be able to deal with the problem as forcefully as we feel necessary. Iran however needs to be dealt with more carefully. Negotiations and
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Unformatted text preview: multi-lateral talks are most likely the best solution as there is a large amount of interest in this area and the oil coming from it. 2. To keep the United States from being put in a similar position in the future we must work on improving the view others hold of our country. This will improve our relationship with other nations and allow for better negotiating status in times of crisis....
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