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William White 6-May-10 Political Science 255 Nate Kraft Whether or not the United States should act as a policeman for the world is a hotly debated topic. The United States has the power to do such but often loses respect and creates more enemies when it assumes this burden. Others believe the United States should only use military force when necessary to protect itself and its interests, such as when the nation is directly attacked. These differing views contest the role of the United States military in the world and whether it should act as a defensive force or a police force a rationale needs to be created for the use of force and when unilateral versus multilateral military force is the best option. The United States can strike a balance between global police force and its own interests by learning from actions taken in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Kosovo was a joint military effort that showed United States officials and military officers that multilateral warfare could successfully be conducted in modern times. This war was fought by NATO and should help assuage the fears that the United States military is a crippled force when officers from other nations have a say in the doings of the United States Military. (Lecture, 29.4.10) The war although fought mostly in the air defeated Milosevic and the Yugoslav forces reeking havoc and causing ethnic violence on the area. Bombing runs were successful and the coalition of forces worked well together proving that unilateral action was not the only form of warfare to be looked to in crisis situations. This event also helps to prove that the United States does not need to act alone in policing the world, that its allies are able to help
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255Essay 2 - William White Political Science 255 6-May-10...

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