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PolSci255 Study Guide - Truman Doctrine Declaration by...

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Truman Doctrine – Declaration by President Truman saying that the United States will support free peoples resisting take over by armed authoritarian minority groups. Led to the Marshall plan and US aid to countries threatened by communism mostly aimed at Turkey and Greece originally as pointed out by Jentleson. NSC 68 – Called for militarization of containment an increase in military spending and overseas military bases, global containment stating that the threat was global not local in Europe and Asia, and finally the development of the h-bomb. Important in policy as it became American Cold War policy. Korean War – War to prevent North Korea from taking over South Korea. One of many proxy wars fought ended in a cease-fire lasting until today. U.S. troops are still stationed today. Played a part in the domino theory. International Institutionalism – Believe problems can be solved through peaceful negotiations Prof. Claude claims power is a problem to be managed not eliminated in this theory. Realism – Believes in the Power P of the four P’s and that the best way to solve international conflicts is through coercion and having the power to back up your claims. Political and Military power are the main currencies of power as stated in Jentleson. Morgenthau stated that “International relations is a struggle for power,” believes genuine peace is unlikely. Smart Power – How a nation can wisely use both hard and soft power to preserve it’s interests. NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization created to counter the USSR through stating that an attack on any member would be assumed an attack on every member. Changed American foreign policy by creating a permanent military alliance for the first time and was a turnaround from 1930’s isolationism. USS Maine – Blew up in Havana Harbor and used by yellow journalists as a cry for the start of the Spanish American War. Tragedy of Vietnam Guatemala 1954 – Elected free government in Guatemala decided to give around 230,000 acres of uncultivated land to the peasants. United Fruit Company frames this as communism vs. democracy and the CIA overthrew the elected government. The U.S. adopts the duck
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PolSci255 Study Guide - Truman Doctrine Declaration by...

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