Position Paper - To William J Burns Under Secretary Political Affairs From William White Date 2010 April 13 Subject Gaining Chinese support in

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To: William J. Burns Under Secretary Political Affairs From: William White Date: 2010 April 13 Subject: Gaining Chinese support in sanctions against Iran ------------------------- For the United States to have stricter sanctions passed against Iran in the United Nations over the nuclear programs active there it must avoid a veto from other nations on the Security Council. To do this the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation will have convinced to support U.S. viewpoints on this issue. China is the nation with which a larger issue may be had and therefore is where the most attention should be focused. China’s worries about a loss in energy supply for its rapidly growing economy, its reputation in the Middle East diplomatically through its belief that negotiations are still the best option 1 . For the United States to successfully pass further sanctions against Iran it will need to work with China and sooth any worries that nation may have over the consequences of further sanctions. Many argue that sanctions are not a sufficient deterrent and Iran claims China agrees with this point of view 2 . This argument has been propagated by the Iranian news agency, which claims there is a double standard over whom sanctions are applied to by the West, along with continuing Iran’s statement that it is only work on nuclear developments for civilian energy 3 . The sanctions are also likely to affect the civilian population of Iran more than it would the scientific programs the country is running to enhance its nuclear programs. These claims to make a case against sanctions however do not offer alternatives to ensure the national security of the United States and our allies if Iran is in fact attempting to hide an attempt to create nuclear weapons. Sanctions may not stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon but they will buy time for further
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negotiations by making it much more difficult to fun research and develop weapons grade plutonium 4 . Another round of sanctions will put further pressure on Iran to find other means to solve its differences with other nations over nuclear energy and other concerns in the area. Appearing to soft on Iran would also give the United States a reputation of going easy on those it condemns over their nuclear programs potentially allowing other countries to attempt to follow in Iran’s footsteps. This could cause further difficulties for the United States down the road and requires firm U.S. action now to keep a solid reputation intact. Through delaying Iranian development and keeping a strong reputation abroad for handling those developing nuclear
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Position Paper - To William J Burns Under Secretary Political Affairs From William White Date 2010 April 13 Subject Gaining Chinese support in

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