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The matrix in (1.1) is in reduced-row-echelon form (or rref for short). This is characterized by the following properties: If a row has nonzero entries then the Frst nonzero entry is 1, which is called the leading 1 in this row. If a column contains a leading 1 then all other entries in that column are zero. If a row contains a leading 1 then each row above it contains a leading 1 further to the left of it. Example 2. The matrix 0 @ 01203 00014 00000 1 A is in rref. Example 3. The matrix 0 B B @ 12020 00130 00140 00001 1 C C A is not in rref since there is a column that contains two leading 1’s. Example 4. Why is 0 @ 1203 0000 0012 1 A not in rref? The goal then is to use the following three row-operations in a systematic manner so that
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