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DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS MATH 131, Fall 2009 Exam 1 Your Name: The exam consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 4 long answers. Each problem is worth the indicated number of points. On this exam you may use a page of your own handwritten notes, but no books and no calculators. The last page is left blank for you to use as scrap paper. There are multiple versions of the exam, so please do not try to look on a neighbor’s paper. Turn o
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Unformatted text preview: ↵ and do not attempt to use your cellphone at anytime during the exam. You do not need to justify your answers to the multiple choice questions, but you must show your work in the exam booklet to receive credit for the four long answer problems. Partial credit will be awarded based on your work. Be prepared to show your UMass ID when you turn in the exam. 1-5: (25 points) 6: (20 points) 7: (15 points) 8: (20 points) 9: (20 points) TOTAL: (100) 1...
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