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ISS 1/14/10 Social construction of race, class, gender Genocide-killing of an entire people We designate different roles for boys and girls at as young as by setting them up with different toys such as action figures and cars and Barbie bolls. Sex- a biological category Gender- socially learned behavior for each sex. Blue collar- manual labor White collar- nonmanual labor Dominant group- white, male, physically able, middle age, rich, educated Omi + Winant- ‘Racial Formations” 1/32 African ancestry 31/32 White ancestry Hypo-descent- any racial intermixture makes one nonwhite One drop rule. No intermediate case a dichotomy Racial formations- the meaning of race is socially defined. We then come to except these socially defined categories as common sense. Racialization- social development alter interpretations of racial identities and meanings. Jim Crow Era Dred Scott v. Sandford- Blacks are an inferior race and have no rights as citizens. Reconstruction 1865-1877- federal troops occupied the south. After reconstruction blacks were
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