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homework1_fall2009_key - chip Problem 3 Given the following...

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ECE 383 - Microcomputers Fall 2009 – Homework 1 Solution Problem 1: The microcomputer is a combination of hardware and software that can perform specific tasks according to inputs, occupying a tiny space compared to minicomputer and mainframe computer. The microprocessor is the hardware that can convert the program into specific calculations and actions. The microcontroller is a microprocessor incorporated with memories and peripherals internally, i.e. computer-on-a-
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Unformatted text preview: chip. Problem 3: Given the following C code, what is the corresponding Assembly code? ORG $1000 MAX DS.B 1 MIN DS.B 1 SUM DS.B 1 AVE DS.B 1 REM DS.B 1 STR DC.B 5, 0, 6, 1, 3 ORG $2000 MOVB STR, MIN MOVB STR, MAX MOVB STR, SUM LDX #1 FOR1: LDAA STR, X CMPA MIN BGE NEXT1 STAA MIN NEXT1: CMPA MAX BLE NEXT2 STAA MAX NEXT2: ADDA SUM STAA SUM INX CPX #5 BLT FOR1 END_FOR1: LDAA SUM TFR A, D LDX #5 IDIV TFR X, A STAA AVE TFR D, A STAA REM RTS END...
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