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ECE 383 - Microcomputers Fall 2009 – Quiz 3 Solution Instructions: 1. Please write your name and student number in the upper right hand corner of the back of this sheet. 2. When you are finished answering the questions, fold the paper in half lengthwise with this side of the page to the inside of the fold. Problems: 1. What is the 7-segment LED patterns (Hexadecimal) of the following symbols a. “A” $77 b. “H” $76 c. “E” $79 d. “L” $38 e. “P” $73 f. “!” $86 2. Finish the following code for a 5s delay (assuming 24MHZ MCLK).
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Unformatted text preview: DELAY_5S: LDX #1000 DELAY_1: LDY #40000 DBNE Y, * DBNE X, DELAY_1 3. Finish the following code that can display data on the discrete LED. ORG $1000 DATA DC.B $F0 ORG $2000 MOVB #$FF , DDRB MOVB #%00000010 , DDRJ MOVB DATA , PORTB BCLR PORTJ , #%00000010 JSR DELAY_5s BSET PORTJ , #%00000010 4. Finish the following code that can test whether Key4 is pressed MOVB #$0F , DDRA BSET PORTA, #%00001111 BCLR PORTA, #%00000001 NOP BRSET PORTA, #%11110000 , * LDAA PORTA C M P A #$DE BNE KEY4_NOT_PRESSED...
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