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Children As adults wait later to marry and start families, more and more middle adults find themselves raising  small children. This is not the typical pattern, however. By the time most parents reach middle age,  their children are at least of adolescent age. Ironically, middle adults and their adolescent children often both experience emotional crises. For  adolescents the crisis involves the search for their own identities as separate from their family  members; for middle adults, the search is for  generativity , or fulfillment through such activities as  raising children, working, or creating. These two crises are not always compatible, as parents try to  deal with their own issues as well as those of their adolescents (for example, discovering identity).  Some middle adults begin to “live out” their own youthful fantasies through their children. They may 
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Unformatted text preview: try to make their teenage children into improved versions of themselves. Witnessing their children on the verge of becoming adults can trigger a midlife crisis . The adolescent journey into young adulthood reminds middle-age parents of their own aging processes and the inescapable settling into middle and later adulthood. As a result, parents may experience depression or seek to recapture their youth through age-inappropriate behavior and sexual adventures. Some teenagers ignite so much tension at home that their departure to college or into a career acts as a relief to parents. Other parents experience the empty nest syndrome after all of their children leave home. Without the children as a focal point for their lives, they have trouble reconnecting to each other and rediscovering their own individuality separate from parenthood....
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