Complementary Perspectives in Sociology

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Complementary Perspectives in Sociology In addition to the three theoretical paradigms previously presented, sociologists use many different  models to examine, describe, and understand society and human behavior. Some of the more  popular, which are normally used as adjuncts to the above paradigms, include the cross-species  perspective, cross-cultural perspective, statistical perspective, historical perspective, religious  perspective, and feminist perspective. Each  of these is limited in its ability to comprehensively  describe society and behavior. Instead, they complement the other, larger, paradigms. The cross-species perspective Obviously, human beings belong to the animal kingdom. The  cross-species perspective  considers  the similarities in and differences between human social behavior and that of other animals. A  comparison of social behaviors across species can provide valuable insights into the nature of 
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Unformatted text preview: human society. The cross-cultural perspective The study of sociology must address cultural differences and issues. Research studies and social investigations have determined that beliefs, practices, and values certainly differ considerably from culture to culture. That which is acceptable to one group may not be to another. Hence, the cross-cultural perspective deals with the comparative nature of customs and standards of behavior within a community or system. Remaining alert to cultural differences increases opportunities to challenge gender-role stereotypes , or beliefs within a society as to how members of each sex should appear and act. The cross-cultural perspective, then, takes into account the many variations that exist across societies and cultures....
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