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Islam - drink during daylight hours • Giving money to the...

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Islam The second largest religion in today's world is Islam, which originated from the teachings of the 7th  century prophet Mohammed. His teachings most directly express the will of Allah, the one God of  Islam. Moslems, or followers of the Islamic religion, believe that Allah also spoke through earlier  prophets such as Jesus and Moses before enlightening Mohammed. Moslems have five primary religious duties (“The Pillars of Islam”):  Reciting the Islamic creed, which states that Allah is the one God and Mohammed is  His messenger. Taking part in ceremonial washings and reciting formal prayers five times every day.  During these prayers, worshippers always face towards the holy city of Mecca in Saudi  Arabia. Observing of Ramadan—a month of fasting when Moslems may have no food or 
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Unformatted text preview: drink during daylight hours. • Giving money to the poor. • Making at least one pilgrimage to Mecca. Messages that Mohammed received from Allah comprise the Islamic scriptures, called the Koran. (“Koran” derives from the Arabic term meaning “to recite.”) Because the prophet could not write or read, he memorized Allah's words and later relayed them to his students. After Mohammed's death, his followers wrote down these revelations. The Koran sets forth standards of daily behavior and the Pillars of Islam. Islam has grown to more than 600 million adherents throughout the world. Most Moslems live in the Middle East, Pakistan, and parts of Africa....
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