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Lobbyists and Political Action Committees

Lobbyists and Political Action Committees - (PACs ,...

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Lobbyists and Political Action Committees (PACs) Without specific representation in multiple political parties, special interest groups must find  alternative methods of getting their voices heard in the legislative process. Many companies and  other groups hire professional lobbyists to advocate for their causes. lobbyist  is someone paid to influence government agencies, legislators, and legislation to the best  interests of their clients. Lobbyists may even write the legislation that the legislator presents to a  committee or the legislature. Lobbyists represent nearly all industries and interests, including  insurance, auto manufacturing, tobacco, environment, women, minorities, education, technology,  textiles, farming, and many others. Lobbyists, who are usually lawyers, are often former members of  the legislature or have held other government positions. Companies and interest groups hire them 
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  • Fall '09
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  • political action committees, special interest groups, Professional lobbyists, multiple political parties, influence specific candidates, clients. Lobbyists

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