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Opponents to physician

Opponents to physician - cloudsofdepress

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Opponents to physician-assisted suicide point to several concerns:  Making an accurate terminal diagnosis can be difficult because doctors do make mistakes  and many patients beat the odds. Patients who claim they want physician-assisted suicide may be reasoning through the  clouds of depression, which often triggers suicidal thoughts. Treat the depression, and the  patient regains the will to live. Inadequate pain management often causes patients to long for death. Many people harshly  criticize a medical establishment that they claim is insensitive to or outright fails to provide  adequate pain management. In these cases, critics say, relieve the pain (even with addictive  drugs) and many patients enjoy life again. Of greatest concern to opponents of physician-assisted suicide is the risk that the “right to  die” could become the “responsibility to die.” People may see poor or vulnerable individuals, 
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  • Inadequate pain management, adequate pain management., terminal diagnosis, accurate terminal diagnosis, physician­assisted suicide law, suicidal thoughts. Treat

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