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Rape and personal assault

Rape and personal assault - Rape and personal assault Laws...

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Unformatted text preview: Rape and personal assault Laws that protect people from unwanted sexual behaviors are appropriate and necessary, and this is certainly the case with rape —the forced sexual violation of one person (usually female) by another (usually male). To some, rape is a crime of violence and aggression, not one of sex. To others, it is a crime of both violence and sex. Rape is hardly a phenomenon of recent origin. Because men have traditionally treated women more like property than as individuals, societies of the past viewed abuses against women less as crimes against them than as crimes against their fathers, husbands, or owners. This thinking has begun to change in recent decades. For instance, some state courts have finally ruled that a woman can charge her husband with marital rape if he forces her to have sexual relations. Although bringing charges against an attacker may now be easier for rape victims, winning a...
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