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Relationships in Early Adulthood

Relationships in Early Adulthood - Relationships in Early...

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Relationships in Early Adulthood Love, intimacy, and adult relationships go hand-in-hand. Psychologist  Robert Sternberg  proposed  that  love  consists of three components:  passion,   decision/commitment,  and  intimacy Passion  concerns the intense feelings of physiological arousal and excitement (including sexual arousal)  present in a relationship, while  decision/commitment  concerns the decision to love the partner and  maintain the relationship.  Intimacy  concerns the sense of warmth and closeness in a loving  relationship, including the desires to help the partner, to self-disclose, and to keep the partner in  one's life. People express intimacy in three ways:  Physical intimacy  involves mutual affection and sexual activity.  Psychological intimacy  involves sharing feelings and thoughts.  Social intimacy  involves enjoying the same friends and types of recreation. 
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