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Starting a Family in Early Adulthood

Starting a Family in Early Adulthood - Starting a Family in...

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Unformatted text preview: Starting a Family in Early Adulthood As young adults enter the culminating phase of early adulthood (33–45), they enter the settling down (33–40) stage. By this time, they have established a career (at least the first one!) and found a spouse. If the couple have not already done so, they will probably decide to have one or more children and start a family. People generally think that parenthood strengthens marriages, even though research indicates that marital satisfaction often declines after the birth of the first child. This need not be the case, however. If the marriage is already positive and the spouses share equally in parenting duties, they can minimize the hassles of parenthood and keep it from significantly interfering with marital happiness. Regardless of the many joys of parenthood, new parents are not always prepared for the responsibility and time-commitment that raising a child requires, especially when the pregnancy is...
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