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Clara A - Holmes's building with her brother Ned...

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Clara A. Lovering The first wife of H.H. Holmes, then known by his birth name Herman Mudgett, Clara A. Lovering  marries Holmes in their home state of New Hampshire, only to be left by Holmes shortly thereafter. Myrna Z. Belknap Holmes's second wife, Myrna Z. Belknap is a voluptuous blonde who moves from Minnesota to  Chicago for Holmes, becomes somewhat estranged from Holmes, and moves into her parents' home  with their daughter Lucy once they move to Illinois. Ned Conner After moving to Chicago and into Holmes's building, Ned Conner operates the jewelry counter in  Holmes's pharmacy. Conner becomes suspicious of Holmes, separates and divorces his wife who  becomes involved with Holmes, leaves his daughter, and moves out of the building. Gertrude Conner Sister of Ned Conner, Gertrude "Gertie" Conner is a stunning dark-haired beauty who moves into 
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Unformatted text preview: Holmes's building with her brother Ned, sister-in-law, and niece. Gertie Conner becomes enchanted and then disgruntled with Holmes before moving back to Iowa, where she dies mysteriously and unexpectedly. Julia Conner Wife of Ned Conner, vulnerable Julia Conner moves into Holmes's building with her husband, separates and divorces her husband, becomes involved with Holmes and pregnant with his child, and is murdered by Holmes. Pearl Conner Daughter of Ned and Julia Conner, Pearl Conner becomes one of Holmes's many victims after he kills her mother. Benjamin Pietzel Benjamin Pietzel is an alcoholic carpenter and father of five whom Holmes hires to help construct his hotel and whom Holmes eventually kills....
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