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Daniel Burnham - Root is truly the architectural genius...

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Daniel Burnham, the protagonist, is a talented Chicago architect who, along with his  partner John Root, is given the task of building the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, the  World's Columbian Exposition. Although a skilled architect himself, Burnham is really  the businessman and public relations expert of the pair. Despite being haunted by a lack  of formal education, Burnham, motivated by his pride and a sense of determination,  tackles and accomplishes the daunting task of creating a monumental world's fair that  will improve the global reputation of the city of Chicago. John Root is the partner of Daniel Burnham; he accepts the challenge of building the  1893 Chicago World's Fair along with Burnham. Root is the perfect partner and  complement to Burnham. While Burnham has the business savvy and people skills, 
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Unformatted text preview: Root is truly the architectural genius behind the duo. Root's intelligence and depth are something that people, including Burnham, admire. Unfortunately, Root suffers illness and dies before the fair really even begins construction. Frederick Law Olmsted is a distinguished landscape architect whom Burnham and Root hire for the creation of the fair. Being well established in his profession and credited with his contributions to Central Park in New York, Olmsted is driven to work on the fair by a desire to validate his profession. The temperamental and melancholy Olmsted takes great pride in his work and contributes greatly to Burnham's success with the fair despite encountering several bouts of illness and depression and a heavy workload outside of the fair....
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