In 1891 - In 1891, H.H. Holmes begins construction on...

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Unformatted text preview: In 1891, H.H. Holmes begins construction on building renovations to create a hotel for the world's fair coming soon to Chicago. Again to avoid suspicion, Holmes designs the building and hires and fires several work crews. Having acquired debts he never intends to pay off, Holmes simply finds new companies more than willing to take his business. He also swindles a great uncle of Myrta's to loan him $2,500 under the guise of building a house for Myrta and him in Wilmette. He then forges her uncle's signature for a loan for another $2,500. On one of his increasingly frequent visits to Wilmette, Holmes convinces a reluctant Belknap, Myrta's elderly uncle, to come to the city to see his building and the fair site. Belknap visits the city and stays for a night in Holmes's building, during which someone tries to get into his room during the evening...
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