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Unformatted text preview: Initially, Chapter 54 takes the form of a tribute to the fair and its impact on Chicago, the nation, and the world for years to come. The inspiration for the creation of Oz and some of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous architectural designs are attributed to the fair. The fields of architecture and overall building design carry the fair's influence into the future. The chapter also describes Chicago architect Louis Sullivan's decline into debt and alcoholism and Daniel Burnham's declining health in the early 1900s. Chapter 55 describes what happens to several key characters in the years after the fair. Ferris succumbs to typhoid fever in 1896. Olmsted dies of dementia in 1903. Sol Bloom loses everything in a bad investment but proves resilient as he finds a future career in politics. Prendergast is sentenced to death in 1893 for the murder of Mayor Harrison.politics....
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