One morning - One morning while getting ready for school...

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Unformatted text preview: One morning, while getting ready for school, Jeannette listens to a radio report of a dilapidated van breaking down on the highway. Later she learns it is her parents' van and that Mom and Dad have decided to move to New York City to be near the family. Mom and Dad move from a boardinghouse to a flophouse to Lori's apartment as their inability to pay rent catches up with them. Brian, on seeing Lori stressed out by life with Dad, lets Dad move into his apartment. However Dad refuses to live under Brian's "no alcohol" rules and Lori can't handle Mom's pack-rat ways and so finally Mom and Dad end up living on the street. Mom and Dad claim to like homelessness, spending their days going to free events around the city and scouting out shelters and soup kitchens. Jeannette is torn by this shift in her parents' lives. While speaking in a class discussion about the causes of homelessness, Jeannette claims it is a matter of...
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