Gale is her last visitor

Gale is her last visitor - and Katniss get private rooms,...

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Gale is her last visitor, and as soon as he enters the room, the two of them embrace. He  gives her advice, telling her that she's had experience with killing and is a great hunter.  She has to make sure she gets her hands on a bow, and, if there aren't any in the  arena, then she has to make one. He reminds her that, ever since a lot of the tributes  froze to death in a past Hunger Games, the Capitol officials have always chosen a  location with wood. When their time is up, the Peacekeepers remove Gale from the room and take Katniss  to the train where she again sees Peeta, who has been crying. She's kept herself from  crying so that she won't show weakness on camera, but she wonders if Peeta wants to  appear weak on purpose so that the other tributes will underestimate him. The train is exquisite, even more luxurious than the rooms in the Justice Building. Peeta 
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Unformatted text preview: and Katniss get private rooms, and Katniss enjoys taking a shower, something she's never done before. Their journey to the Capitol will take one day. That evening, Effie, Peeta, and Katniss share an extravagant dinner with foods so rich that Katniss almost can't stomach them. Then, together, they watch footage of the other reapings. The tribute who haunts Katniss most is a 12-year-old girl from District 11 who is about the same size as Prim. Peeta and Katniss laugh about Haymitch's drunken behavior, which angers Effie. She reminds them that he is their lifeline in the Games and is responsible for mentoring them, lining up sponsors, and presenting gifts during the Games. Haymitch stumbles in at the end asking if he's missed supper, and then vomits all over the carpet before collapsing....
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