In the Training Center

In the Training Center - the last tribute When she enters...

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In the Training Center, Katniss sizes up the other tributes and is intimidated by how large  and strong most of them are. The "Career Tributes," or "Careers," who have been  training since they were born and are primarily from Districts 1, 2, and 4, are the most  daunting. Already they are handy with the most gruesome-looking weapons. Katniss  and Peeta try knot-tying first, then camouflage, which Peeta excels at because of his  experience with cake decorating. As Peeta and Katniss go about their training, Peeta notices the small girl from District 11  following them. He says her name is Rue, which is a small yellow flower, and reminds  Katniss of the Primrose for which Prim is named. At the end of the third day, the tributes privately showcase their special talents to the  Gamemakers. The Districts go in numerical order, so District 12 is last, and Katniss is 
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Unformatted text preview: the last tribute. When she enters the gymnasium, she can see that the Gamemakers are tired of watching, that they've had too much wine and don't really care to see what she can do. She grabs her bow and arrow, takes aim, and misses. She struggles at first, trying to get a feel for the weapon, and then finds her rhythm and puts on a display of fantastic shooting. When she looks up, though, she sees that only a few of the Gamemakers are paying attention, which angers her, especially since her life is on the line. The rest of the Gamemakers are eyeing the roast pig that has arrived at their banquet table, so Katniss aims at the apple in the roast pig's mouth and strikes true, pinning the pig to the wall. Katniss thanks them, bows, and exits....
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