Katniss catches a glimpse of Peeta

Katniss catches a glimpse of Peeta - Katniss catches a...

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Unformatted text preview: Katniss catches a glimpse of Peeta; his face is swollen and his arm is bandaged. She thinks about him telling her not to try to get supplies from the Cornucopia, even though he was planning to do the very same thing himself. She can, however, understand the temptation. What she can't understand, though, is why he would ever team up with the Career Tributes, especially after talking to her about how he wants to make sure he doesn't disgrace his name during the Games. She believes that this was just another game that Peeta was playing with her. While Peeta goes back to the girl who started the fire to finish her off, the Career tributes talk about how they'd like to kill Peeta, the Lover Boy as they call him. Another Career, however, reminds them that Peeta is their best chance of finding Katniss and also of finding out how she scored an 11. Now, Katniss realizes that Peeta hasn't told also of finding out how she scored an 11....
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