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Mayor Undersee - being a traitor and Katniss feels guilty...

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Mayor Undersee Madge's father and the mayor of District 12. He has a soft spot for strawberries and can  always be counted on to buy some from Gale and Katniss. The Avox Girl In the Capitol, Katniss recognizes this redheaded servant as the girl she and Gale once  saw on the run in the woods. This girl, who'd been with a boy, had looked to Katniss for  help, and was then taken away by a hovercraft. She has had her tongue cut out for 
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Unformatted text preview: being a traitor, and Katniss feels guilty for not coming to her aid. Portia Peeta's stylist. Venia A member of Katniss' prep team. She has aqua hair and gold tattoos above her eyebrows. She waxes Katniss' hair. Flavius A member of Katniss' prep team. He has orange, corkscrew hair and wears purple lipstick. Octavia A member of Katniss' prep team. She is a plump woman whose skin has been dyed a pale, pea green....
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