This chapter serves to illustrate further how Katniss cares more about her family than she does hers

This chapter serves to illustrate further how Katniss cares more about her family than she does hers

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This chapter serves to illustrate further how Katniss cares more about her family than  she does herself. She places their safety above her own and finds relief in the  knowledge that they will be safe. It is clear, too, that the Gamemakers assign scores  based on the entertainment value that each player can bring to the Games. They know  that Katniss' feistiness will attract viewers, so they reward her for this. We are left to  wonder, however, like Katniss, what Rue's special talent is, something that's impressive  enough to earn her a 7. Katniss' comparison of Gale and Peeta adds to her growing confusion about what each  of the boys means to her. She understands that Gale is more than a friend to her but  can't admit that she has romantic feelings toward him. She recalls their time in the  woods, how she is a better hunter when he is there with her because she trusts him. 
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Unformatted text preview: They depend upon one another to survive and to provide for their families. Peeta stands as a foil to Gale since he is the hunting partner that Katniss cannot trust. She second-guesses everything that he does and understands, too, that her survival depends upon her killing him and that his survival depends upon him killing her, a dynamic that is in direct contrast with her partnership with Gale. Still, Katniss recognizes that she hunts better with a partner, and by drawing parallels between Gale and Peeta, it's clear that she can see Peeta as a sort of partner, even if he is a false one. Collins places this moment of reflection just before Katniss finds out that Peeta has asked to be coached separately in order to add to the distrust that exists between them. Gale is the partner she can trust; Peeta is the partner who betrays her....
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