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CE 473- 11 Course Description WORD

CE 473- 11 Course Description WORD - 1CE 473 ENGINEERING...

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1 CE 473 ENGINEERING LAW, FINANCE AND ETHICS COURSE SYLLABUS FALL 2011 Catalog Description: An examination of the legal, financial and ethical issues regularly considered by all practicing engineers and construction project managers. Instructor: Dana Sherman, Esq. (BA, JD, MBA, MBT, MPA) Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering since 1979 Department of Industrial and Systems Enginering since 2007 PO Box 570775 Tarzana, CA 91357-0775 818-881-3738 (tel) 818-881-5580 (fax) [email protected] Meeting: Section 29676D ZHS 159 Tues 6:30 to 9:10 p.m (a 10 minute break) Office hours: OHE 530G: (a) After class, (b) Mon, Tue and Thur afternoon by appointment ( c) By e-mail or telephone at any time If you would like to meet in my office, please make an appointment in advance. You can see me before or after class. You can telephone me anytime (my office phone is forwarded if I’m not there). Email is very good as I often work late in the evening or weekend. If you send an email, please be relatively specific, including course number and a subject line. If you have a question about a problem describe the problem, not just a problem number. Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites but the course is recommended for upper division students. The course is not limited to civil engineering majors. The course will be very demanding in the nature and amount of the material covered. Texts Required: NONE The first part of the course will be primarily based upon material prepared by the instructor. Handout materials will be posted on Blackboard (H/O). The second part of the course will be based upon Principles of Engineering Economic Analysis by White, Case and Pratt. We will be participating in an evaluation of the text and learning support material. It will be provided by the publisher at reduced or no cost. Do NOT purchase the text. Detailed information to follow.
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Course Assistant: Warning: This is not really one course, it is really three separate one semester courses that are combined into a single one semester course. You will be taught about the law, you will be taught about finance and engineering economics and you will be taught about basic concepts in ethics. There will be from 25 to 50 pages of reading each week. There will be a quiz every week and a homework assignment/problem assignment due almost each week. The material is not hard, but for most of you it will be completely new. If this is the semester you are going to take 22 units, be on the football team and act in the fall theater production, this is not the semester to take the course. If this is the semester you are going to have a baby or patent your invention or learn to socialize like a business student, this is not the semester to take this course. The class is not graded on a curve, but my expectations for what level of work constitutes an A are rather high. Oh, and if you are thinking about taking this course from someone else, sorry...I’m the only person who has ever taught the course. I’ve been at USC over 30 years and I expect I will be here longer than you (depending, of course, on if you pass).
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