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CE334L Class Project Topics Fall 2011

CE334L Class Project Topics Fall 2011 - Page 1 of 2 CE334L...

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Page 1 of 2 CE334L Fall 2011 Mechanical Behavior of Materials (Experimental Analysis of Engineering Materials) Prof. Navid Nastar [email protected] CE334L Final Project 1. Students will work on the project in groups of maximum 3 (minimum 2). The final project groups are the same as the lab groups. 2. Each group is to submit only one report and will present their work in front of class at the end of the semester. 3. Projects must involve both analytical and experimental (lab work) study. More instructions will be provided in class. 4. Following is a list of the suggested project topics. Groups could select one of these topics or propose their own topic. All topics are subject to the instructor’s approval. 5. Each group is to select two topics in the order of preference for their project. After review, one topic will be confirmed by the instructor as the group’s final project topic. 6. Groups must submit their preferred two topics to their TA (lab instructor who is responsible for their lab session) via email before 11:59 PM on Monday 9/12/2011 . Late submittals will not be accepted.
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