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Page 1 of 4 CE334L Fall 2011 Mechanical Behavior of Materials Professor Navid Nastar [email protected] GENERAL INFORMATION Through lectures and laboratory work, this course focuses on the experimental study of mechanical behavior of engineering materials. The theoretical background and techniques used for testing are extensively discussed in class, alongside the lab sessions. The lab work involves several lab projects as well as various testing demonstrations. The majority of the projects involve specimen design, analysis, instrumentation, theoretical prediction, testing, and discussion. The class is divided into groups, with each group responsible for all aspects of a particular project. The course is concluded by a student led Annual Workshop on Construction Materials covering presentations of various group final projects. Class Website: Blackboard ( https://blackboard.usc.edu/ ) is used as the main source of communication between instructors and students. Class material including announcements, notes, handouts, assignments, and projects will be available on Blackboard during the semester. Students are responsible for downloading the material in a timely manner and printing their own hardcopies if desired. Students are expected to visit the class Blackboard site frequently for updates and announcements. Text : Class and lab will be based primarily on lecture notes. There is no required text. However, the following books are relevant reference text books. "Mechanical Behavior of Materials": Engineering Methods for Deformation, Fracture, and
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CE334L Syllabus Fall 2011 - Page 1 of 4 CE334L Fall 2011...

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