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CE456 Project - Fall 2011 - CE 456 Design of Steel...

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CE 456 Design of Steel Structures USC – Civil Engineering Fall 2011 Project Due Date: December 1, 2011 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 2 The figures below represent typical floor framing plan and elevations of a 2-story building. Floor and roof systems are 5” thick 1-way reinforced concrete slabs spanning over equally spaced floor and roof beams. Additionally, there is 30 psf dead load for partitions and miscellaneous items for the floor and 20 psf dead load for roofing and miscellaneous items for the roof. Floor live load is 100 psf. Roof live load is 20 psf. The lateral load resisting system is moment frames in E-W direction and braced frames in N-S direction as shown in the plan and elevations. Both systems are located at the exterior of the building. 0) Check Blackboard to see what a, b, and h is assigned to you. 1) To account for the weight of structural steel elements add 10 psf to roof dead load and 15 psf to floor dead load, and a. Determine the total seismic weight of the building by calculating and summing floor and roof dead loads. b. Determine the horizontal seismic force on the building by multiplying the total seismic weight by 0.3. Distribute the seismic force vertically by applying 1/3 to 2 nd floor and 2/3 to roof. Distribute the seismic force horizontally by assigning half of the load to each frame in each direction. c.
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CE456 Project - Fall 2011 - CE 456 Design of Steel...

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