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CE 473-11 HMW Torts WORD - 1TORTS PROBLEMS Answer True or...

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TORTS PROBLEMS Answer True or False. Use "A" for True and "B" for False. 1. The law of torts is based primarily on statutory law. 2. The law of torts is uniform throughout the country. 3. Tort law is one of the fundamental areas of the law. 4. An act can simultaneously constitute both a tort and a crime. 5. Al gives Mary a gentle kiss in order to wake her up Marv can recover from Al for assault. 6. Same as #5. Since Mary was not harmed, she cannot sue for battery. 7. Carl is bumped while dancing and then steps on Debbie's foot,breaking her toe. Carl is liable for battery on Debbie. 8. Sam goes to the movies and falls asleep. The security guard locks the building and does not see Sam in the dark. Sam awakens the next day when the building opens. Sam can recover for false imprisonment. 9. An LAPD Rampart detective places handcuffs on Juan and arrests him for drug dealing. The Detective knows Juan did not commit any crime. The Detective is liable for battery and false imprisonment. 10. Barkely, a player on the court but away from the action, intentionally forces his elbow into the ribs of Bob during a basketball game. Barkely has committed a battery upon Bob. 11. In order to avoid a tornado, Bob takes shelter in Mary's garage. Bob has committed an actionable trespass on Mary property. 12. Betty a truck driver, in order to make a more safe turn, exits a property by taking a short-cut down a private alley rather than using a driveway that exits directly to the street. Betty committed a trespass even though she only passes over the alley. 13. Carol parks her car for a short time at the "24-7 Store" parking lot. A sign is posted that states, "Customer parking Only." Carol, not intending to use the store, has committed a trespass. 14. Ted takes Alice's purse without permission. Ted has committed
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CE 473-11 HMW Torts WORD - 1TORTS PROBLEMS Answer True or...

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