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chapter 13 notes - Chapter 13 Communication Notes...

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Chapter 13 Communication Notes Relationship: An association between at least two people, which may be described in terms of intimacy or kinship. Uncertainty reduction theory: A theory suggesting that when we meet others to whom we are attracted, our need to know about them tends to make us draw inferences from observable physical data. Entry phase: we learn info that is easily observed—sex, race, age, height, economic/social status; don’t ask personal questions. Personal Phase: share attitudes, beliefs, values, and more personal info. Comm is less constrained and more open. Exit phase: the future of the relationship is decided (exchanging numbers after a party) Social Information Processing Theory: A theory suggesting that electronic-mediated communication relationships grow only to the extent that people first gain information about each other and use that information to form the impressions. Social Exchange Theory: a theory based on the assumption that people consciously and
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chapter 13 notes - Chapter 13 Communication Notes...

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