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SimNet Study Guide Spreadsheet implementation: Knowing which features are available in Excel, and which icons and buttons to select to invoke those features. (only part of the spreadsheet development process) Spreadsheet design: refers to those decisions you make prior to implementation (guide you to select appropriate Excel features for a particular business need, create more appealing, accurate sheets) Two types of spreadsheets: throw-away and reusable Throw-away spreadsheets: those spreadsheets that you intend to use only once. (used for an initial purpose and then discarded because it serves no future use, used as temporary calculator or presentation tool) Reusable spreadsheets: spreadsheets that you use routinely (can be used often (daily) or rarely (annually), very little remains constant over time, more effort with initial spreadsheet design to prevent errors). The life of a spreadsheet can be divided into two distinct phases: development and use Development phase: we determine the layout, formatting, and functionality of the spreadsheet. Once we feel comfortable with the spreadsheet we have developed we will move to the use phase (spreadsheet design goals are defined and applied in the dev-phase; more effort that use phase) Use phase: we will enter data and produce outputs on a routine basis. (if the spreadsheet is designed well, we will be saving effort each time we use the spreadsheet; lasts much longer that the development phase, may have to make modifications to layout, formatting, or functionality in response to change in environment) Five spreadsheet design goals: all reusable spreadsheets should be simple, clear, verifiable, accurate, and efficient. (help guide our decision making throughout the design phase) 1. Simplicity: will guide your overall layout decisions. (if spreadsheet is simple, it will be quick and easy to maneuver within the workbook; easy to add rows/columns/charts, easy to modify the needs of a changing environment) Simplicity guidelines: a.) Spreadsheet layout should include only one idea per row and one idea per column (months, names, revenue, expenses, etc.; spreadsheet is much flexible to
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SimNet Study Guide - SimNet Study Guide Spreadsheet...

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