Chapter 6 notes

Chapter 6 notes - Chapter 6 Consciousness: state of...

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Chapter 6 Consciousness : state of awareness (many different types of consciousness awareness when we are focused on a task, daydreaming, hypnotized, high on drugs Attention: selective focus on things in the environment, to the exclusion of others Divided consciousness: the splitting off of two conscious activities that occur simultaneously (forgetting you drove for 10 minutes because you were thinking about something else) Unconscious mind: mental processes that occur without conscious awareness Cock-tail party phenomenon: focus all attention on the person you are talking with at a party rather than everyone else at the party SLEEP: Hypnagogic state: Relaxed state of dreamlike awareness between wakefulness and sleep (begin to lose voluntary control over body movements, thoughts become less bound to reality, relaxed state. Myoclonia: An abrupt movement that sometimes occurs during the hypnagogic state in which the sleeper often experiences a sense of falling. (normal, brief seizure-like states) Electroencephalogram (EEG): A measure of electrical brain activity. (Depth of waves in sleep) You experience low voltage, high frequency when you are awake Dreaming: conscious awareness during sleep that primarily occurs during rapid-eye-movement sleep REM sleep: characterized by movement of the eyes under the lids; often accompanies dreams. Efferent : From Motor Cortex to Brainstem RAS vs. Afferent From Receptor to Brainstem RAS (both cause motor paralysis, muscle twitch, illusory mismatch) Circadian Rhythm: Internally generated cycles lasting about 24 hours a day that regulates sleepiness and wakefulness, body temperature, and the secretion of some hormones. (rhythm
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Chapter 6 notes - Chapter 6 Consciousness: state of...

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