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Econ201 First Assignment Dr. Chen 8/22/2011 Due Monday 8/29/11, class hour, do not turn in by email or the Blackboard. You must copy the questions. Must use a word processer, do not write by hand except the graph. Staple your answer sheets, do not use a paper clip. Answer the following questions: 1. What is the impact of declini ng world fish stock in the ocean? (p.7 of the textbo ok) Is fish farmin g going to help the proble m? 2. Do questio
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Unformatted text preview: n 1 on page 32 (instru ctor assigna ble proble ms), copy the two lines and the data before the questio n 1. 3. A North Caroli na agricul tural experi ment station has collect ed the followi ng data: Fertiliz er (tonna ge) Corn yield (tonna ge) 5 65 6 69 (1) Draw a corn production function (2) Calculate the slope at the point where fertilizer usage is 4 tons and corn yield is 58 tons. (3) What kind of slope is this?...
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