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Darrin Wright Due: 11/20/11 ITT 650 P10.7. In the backbone network, it is desirable to find the shortest path from the source to the destination. How do you do this in a wireless network environment, where the subscribers have finite mobility? Explain clearly. Within a wireless network, FA and HA can be used for mobility. HA and FA are able to work together to locate a subscriber with finite mobility. If the HA has the current location information of the destination, then the message can be delivered to a subscriber within the shortest path as in the backbone network. P10.10. What it meant by bidirectional tunneling? Why do you need HA-FA in addition to the HLR-VLR pair? Explain clearly. Bidirecdtional tunneling is used when an MS moves into a foreign network, a blinding
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Unformatted text preview: update is sent to the HA, then a binding response is received. Another tunnel is created by the HA to the FA, which is then serving the MS and HA encloses the packets for the MS. P10.12 Consider the word “wireless,” composed of eight symbols, each symbol is being a letter of the English alphabet….(1234) =>(4132)…. a) What is the final output? Original: w i r e l e s s After Permutation: e w r i s l s e After substitution: l i e r w s w l Output: “lierwswl” b) What would be the output if the submission function were applied before the permutation function instead of after? Original: w i r e l e s s After Permutation: i r e l s l w w After substitution: l i e r w s w l Output: “lierwswl”...
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