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Darrin Wright ITT 650 Due: Semptember 11,2011 Chapter 2 Key Points Chapter 2 discusses probability, statistics, and traffic theories. Its main purpose is to understand the basics of traffic patterns. The two types of random variables are the discrete and continuous. The difference between the two variables is that continuous is pdf defined and discrete is pdf or pmf defined. For a discrete random variable, the CDF is found by summing up the probability using the given sigma notation. The continuous random calculates the CDF by using the integral of is pdf. . The expected value of a random variable is the average value of that variable. It summarizes the distribution of the variable. The variance of the random variable gives an idea of how wide of short the ranges of the values are. The number of events that occur in a certain time interval is called a poisson distribution. The number of trials it takes to reach firs success is known as the geometric distribution. Normal distribution should be capable of assuming any real
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