Astaire - ° There was a lack of psychological depth and...

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Astaire, Kelly, Fosse I. Astaire vs. Kelly II. Singin' in the Rain • Self-consciousness: an encyclopedia of musical history • Key themes • The place of song and dance III. Cabaret (Bob Fosse, 1972) • Beyond genre: the end of Hollywood • Fosse's career: the inheritor • Weimar Germany and America in the late 1960s • Style: mise en scène and montage • Texture: multiplicity • Musical numbers: true integration • Key themes: innocence, history, the limits of satire Film viewing tonight: Donen, Stanley, and Gene Kelly. Singin’ in the Rain . 1952. ° The integrated musical – this is what they called it at the time o Even to the people making these films, it became clear that there was a certain discontinuity between the energy of the production numbers and the lack of interesting character or plot
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Unformatted text preview: ° There was a lack of psychological depth and complexity ° Remember the dance scene we saw from Top Hat • Metaphor for mutual sex and shared desire • The audience might not have explicitly noticed this symbolism, but they did process it on another level ° o Arthur Freed ° Began his career as a lyricist ° Became executive producer of over 33 MGM films, and they included all the great musicals of this period ° He assembled an enormous unit of performer, choreographers, directors, that was unrivaled • Busby Berkeley was in this unit • It included all the most distinguished people ° He made character and story as interesting as the musical numbers ° He integrated the musical numbers into the rest of the story, so that the plot didn’t just stop and then start again whenever there was a song...
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Astaire - ° There was a lack of psychological depth and...

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