Chaplin 2 - o A similar contrast can be drawn between their...

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Chaplin 2 I. Keaton vs. Chaplin II. Three passages Cops (1922) • The Gold Rush (1925) • City Lights (1931) III. Modern Times (1936) • Context • A culminating film • The gamin • Sound • Structure • Chaplin's complexity Film viewing tonight: Chaplin, Charlie. Easy Street . 1917. Chaplin, Charlie. The Immigrant . 1917. Chaplin, Charlie. Modern Times . 1936. • Keaton vs. Chaplin o Even though The General comes before Modern Times , Chaplin entered film before Keaton – he is the earlier figure o Note: Chaplin greatly echoes earlier works, with extensive allusions o Heroes: ° The typical Keaton figure wants to just survive and get through a task • His actions might lead to cause and effect, but accidentally so ° Chaplin’s heroes are grander, more chivalric, with larger ideals
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Unformatted text preview: o A similar contrast can be drawn between their women: ° Keaton’s women are not silly damsels that need rescuing – he has a satiric eye for them ° Chaplin is more sentimental o Shot and set contrasts: ° Keaton • He uses the outdoors, with more authentic sets • Less interested in character than Chaplin is • He likes long shots • Keaton calls attention to the presence of the camera, and the way that it alters things, thus interrupting reality • He even calls attention to the flat frame of the screen, and how it interferes with perspective o (Think of the beginning of Cops , where he tricks you into thinking that the character is in jail – a highly cinematic joke)...
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Chaplin 2 - o A similar contrast can be drawn between their...

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