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Chaplin I. Movies before Chaplin II. Enter Chaplin III. Chaplin's career • The multiplicity principle, continued IV. The Tramp as myth V. Chaplin's world - elemental themes • Quick review: Keaton’s “contingent universe” o By this phrase I mean that certain artists can embody live experience in their work, even if they couldn’t articulate it themselves in words ° Art can be serious even if the content doesn’t seem that way ° Keaton has a profound understanding of the world worthy of being called philosophical ° The phrase “contingent universe” captures the complexity of Keaton’s world ° For example, think of the cannon sequence from The General : brilliant long sequence, with each joke building on the previous ones, eventually becoming
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Unformatted text preview: a statement about our existence in the cosmos. The cannon actually working the way it does is repeatedly contingent on Busters actions in a hundred ways and yet also not. Contingency also means accidental! His behavior is necessary, but it also doesnt fully explain the results The universe has to do with your choices, but its also accidental it is rational and random simultaneously You get what you want, when you get it, accidentally This is a particularly brilliant vision to apply to a mock heroic film about the Civil War The General demystifies the sentimentality that has been attached to the Civil War. o The Continuity Principle Old media determines the forms that new media will take...
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