De Sica - about the hardship of life for children in...

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De Sica, Bicycle Thieves I. Vittorio De Sica (1902-74) • 1942 The Children Are Watching Us • 1946 Shoeshine • 1948 Bicycle Thieves • 1950 Miracle in Milan • 1952 Umberto D • 1960 Two Women • 1971 The Garden of the Finzi-Continis II. Bicycle Thieves • Structure: organic form • Social themes • Character: father and son • The title ° De Sica’s Career o De Sica was an excellent actor himself, though his greatest achievements are as a director o His most luminous films were made in a short period: ° Shoeshine (1946) • About shoeshine boys in postwar Rome • De Sica was definitely sympathetic to communist causes • It might seem a little heavy-handed in some ways, such as with the boy’s death at the end • You can feel that the film-makers are trying to give you a lesson
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Unformatted text preview: about the hardship of life for children in post-war Rome ° Bicycle Thieves (1948) • The ending is more complex than that of Shoeshine ° Miracle in Milan (1950) • From a novel • An orphan escapes from an orphanage and goes to live in a shanty town in Milan. He works miracles that are hurtful only to the capitalist class. • It’s a sort of communist fantasy ° Umberto D (1952) o The Garden of the Finzi-Contini (1971) ° About the buildup to the Holocaust ° It’s also a coming of age story ° The main character is a working-class scholar, but he’s denied access to the libraries, and so he comes into contact with the life of a very wealthy Jewish Italian family when they let him use their private library. ....
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De Sica - about the hardship of life for children in...

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