Film in the 1970s

Film in the 1970s - Jane Fonda Faye Dunaway Donald...

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Film in the 1970s I. Transformations and subversion • Directors • Actors • Style and endings • Dissenting genres II. Social history • Vietnam war • Assassinations • JFK, LBJ, Nixon • Watergate III. Film and Television • A new consensus medium • Two versions of MASH Film in the 1970s ° Remember: the history of film is not just the history of a single form – the medium migrated from one form to another depending on whether it was currently consensus narrative ° The late 1960s and early 1970s were one of the richest moments of American film, one of the richest moments of any national film history o French film might have had slightly richer eras o The movies of this era were very different from movies that had come before ° They were self-conscious of this difference o Key figures of the 1970s: ° Actors: • Warren Beatty • Jack Nicholson • Elliot Gould • Dustin Hofman • Robert DeNiro • Julie Christie
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Unformatted text preview: Jane Fonda Faye Dunaway Donald Southerland These actors and actresses werent necessarily handsome/beautiful or heroic in the way that previous actors had been they often played flawed characters These actors dont project grandeur the way past actors had They have a sort of subversive energy One of the transition actors might have been Humphrey Bogart Directors: Robert Altman Francis F. Coppola, The Godfather (72), The Godfather II (74) Bob Fosse Stanley Kubrick, Clockwork Orange (71) Alan J. Pakula, Klute (71), The Parallax View (74) Sam Peckinpah, The Wild Bunch (69), Straw Dogs (71) Roman Polansky, Chinatown (73) Martin Scorcese, Mean Streets (73), Taxi Driver (76) These directors took control of their films, and their vision of the world permeates their movies in a way that hadnt been present in previous films...
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Film in the 1970s - Jane Fonda Faye Dunaway Donald...

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